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Swahili Part-of-Speech Tagger
G. De Pauw, G-M de Schryver & P.W. Wagacha
URL: http://aflat.org/?q=node/10
Supporting paper: De Pauw, G., G-M de Schryver & P.W. Wagacha. 2006. Data-Driven Part-of-Speech Tagging of Kiswahili. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 4188: 197–204.

Memory-Based Swahili Morphological Segmentation and Lemmatization
G. De Pauw & G-M de Schryver
URL: http://aflat.org/?q=node/241
Supporting paper: De Pauw, G. & G-M de Schryver. 2008. Improving the Computational Morphological Analysis of a Swahili Corpus for Lexicographic Purposes. Lexikos 18: 303–318.

Statistical Machine Translation between Swahili and English
G. De Pauw, P.W. Wagacha & G-M de Schryver
Supporting paper: De Pauw, G., P.W. Wagacha & G-M de Schryver. 2009. The SAWA Corpus: a Parallel Corpus English – Swahili. Proceedings of the EACL 2009 Workshop on Language Technologies for African Languages: 9–16. Athens: Association for Computational Linguistics.

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